The Mother of All Skin Hydrators: HydrExtreme

Consonant HydrExtreme Large and Small bottles

10mL (left) / 30 mL bottle (right)

Everyone knows I love to try new skincare products. And in my world less is always more. I have seen oodles of conventional skincare products with long lists of synthetic chemicals that don’t offer any benefit and do your skin no favours.

When HydrExtreme was recently launched, by Canada’s own very progressive, organic skincare company, Consonant I was ready to give it a go. With only two ingredients and both plant-based, HydrExtreme fits right into my usual wish list of skincare: All-Natural. I was intrigued that HydrExtreme was developed in response to a cancer patient undergoing radiation treatments whose skin became terribly dehydrated and cracked. As it was a success in restoring hydration to her skin, the product was put into full production so it could be made available to all who need extreme hydration.

I love face oils and this one was no exception. I love that it doesn’t feel greasy as with all other facial oils I have tried. I love that it makes my skin feel super-soft. I love how hours later my skin still feels super-hydrated. And I since I feel somewhat addicted to this product now, I especially love that Consonant did some clinical studies in which 90% of people had their fine lines and wrinkles reduced after one week of use. So HydrExtreme doesn’t just feel good, it has been proven to work.

HydrExtreme is $72 for a 10 mL bottle (shown on left) or $149 for a 30 mL bottle (right). And as it is one of my favourite products, it can be purchased on-line at Sessabel


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