Organic Produce Delivered to My Door? I’m In!

organic produce, home delivery produce, healthy eating

Source: Front Door Organics

To recognize National Organic Week, a celebration of organic food, farming and products, my family tried something new. As an experiment, we ordered a box of organic produce to be delivered to our front door.

Living in the middle of a large urban centre, my kids have only ever heard the word ‘farm’.  They don’t know ‘farm to fork’ food but  large urban grocery stores.

When our Custom organic produce arrived last week, it was greeted by enthusiasm by my 4 and 7 year olds.  They couldn’t wait to eat the fresh green beans and even asked for them in their lunch boxes the next day.  Wow.  I was impressed!  Not only did this teach my kids about where food comes from but got them excited and focused on fresh, healthy foods.  The next few days, the organic cucumber, carrots, apples and beans became their ‘go-to’ snacks.

Our experiment was so wildly successful that I am already ordering another box of produce. This week though, I am opting to receive only Ontario produce as October is the last of our local bounty. Oh and of course, I am ordering two bags of green beans so I can try them this time!

I ordered from  Front Door Organics in Toronto.  There are many other organic, healthy options available to add to your box so you may want to take a look!


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