Burt and I Are Definitely OVER

Relationships are definitely fragile.   Over time, we become comfortable in a relationship and trust grows.   Even in the most trusting of relationships, something can happen that takes you by surprise and sideswipes you. This happened to me in my relationship with Burt’s Bees and as a result, we have parted ways.

Burt’s Bees touts themselves as a natural personal care company. And so as I trusted, I became an addict for Burt’s colour-tinted lip shimmers to soothe my consistently dry lips while giving a nice hint of colour.

Then the FDA published a report of conventional lipstick brands which were found to contain lead.  Burt’s lip shimmers were front and centre!  I was shocked by the news on Burt even more than I was at the other lead-laden lipsticks from Maybelline, L’Oreal, Cover Girl, and Revlon. I realize lead is a natural element so technically maybe Burt isn’t ‘greenwashing’ but as a known neurotoxin which can affect brain development in the unborn child among other things, I positively don’t want lead in my lipstick.

I researched and researched to figure out for myself that my initial reaction to avoid Burt and his products, was a sound decision. I read details which confirmed for me that the  jury’s still out among ‘experts’ on how much lead in a lip product  is ‘safe’. When this is the case, my opinion is it is best to avoid something.

One thing experts do seem to agree on is that lead accumulates in the body. So if you get a little here and a little there, the amount in your body becomes greater and greater.  And as I use lip balms oodles of times per day, my body was a prime candidate for this bioacculumlation of lead to occur.  So in the end, I have come to terms with my breakup decision.

The best options I have found  since for soothing dry, chapped lips are Consonant‘s Organic Lip Conditioner (no colour and oh so soothing) and Keeki Pure & Simple Lip Shimmers and Lip Balms.  The Keeki products are very popular in my house for my young daughters as they look a little ”fancy’ AND Keeki offers options with no colour and some with a little colour.  Both Consonant and Keeki products are rated among the best on the EWG’s Skin Deep database AND both are pledge companies with Environmental Defence Canada.  Now I feel I have safe options for lip care for every member of my family.

As these are both some of my favourite options in natural, worry-free products, they can be found on-line at Sessabel with delivery across Canada.


One thought on “Burt and I Are Definitely OVER

  1. Very interesting with Burts and lead. I definitly need to be more careful with what I use. I do like a little color on my lips as they are so pail.

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