Toxins in Toyland

With Holiday season in sight, the time is upon us for to be aware of the toxins lurking in Toyland.  If you just thought ‘its only October, its too early’, think again.  Stores are at this moment stocking items they are hoping you will buy for gift-giving. So parents read on as after reading my experience you want to arm yourself with some info before you go head first into Holiday buying mode at your local toy store.

My first experience finding toxins in kids products in a toy store was in a kiddie nail polish. My girls love nail polish so whether in the toy store or the Drug Mart, they oogle the fancy colours longingly. This is how we became aware of kids nail polish, Piggy Paint.  Piggy Paint markets itself as ‘all natural’ but take a read of the chemicals on the label and you will find one chemical that is a known neurotoxin. And these particular Piggies are crafty, they call the particular chemical, Neolone 950 on their label, a trade name for the more dastardly Methylisothiazolinone a known neurotoxin.

Now if Piggy Paint were to market its product as a ‘almost all-natural nail polish for kids with one chemical included that may adversely affect your child’s nervous system over time, would you buy it?  Clearly the company figured out we may not like their product if it were labelled as such. And so it goes in the world of cosmetics, why be up front when you can greenwash and get away with it?

So now I don’t trust many kids products in the toystore (let alone other in stores but more on that in a future post) and so I reguarly engage in ‘toy store research’.  I have since found a Hannah Montana lip gloss with terephthalate (an industrial plasticizer) AND parabens (linked to cancer) included, as well as Hello Kitty lip glosses with NO ingredients listed.  As a parent not sure which is worse but best to avoid both for safety’s sake.

Toxins are not just in cosmetic preparations in the toystore.  Plastics in general are also a serious source of health-affecting chemicals. Recently a mom, Lori Popkewitz Alper wrote an article on her blog about Disney lunchboxes and backpacks containing unsafe levels of phthalates.  These plastic-softening compounds are known to cause ill health affects in humans so why are they used in the manufacture of toys? You can have your say, as Lori has started a petition.  Want sign to it?  You will be in good company as 58, 513 people already have.  Case in point, there are toxins in kids products you may never have imagined.

So as I say, be a warrior for your own health.  Your kids will be better off without toxic toys AND just think by not buying them we are speaking with our wallets.  Stop buying and they will stop producing.

My favourite line of safe kids cosmetics is by Keeki Pure & Simple.  Water-based nail polish, remover, organic lip balms with a hint of shimmer for girls who want to be fancy.  No surprise, Keeki was founded by a mom who like many of us, just can’t bear an industry using our kids as chemical guinea pigs.

Keeki Pure & Simple available across Canada via Sessabel.  May your holiday season be SAFE and toxin-free.

***at the time of writing this post, Piggy Paint’s website noted the Neolone 950 on their website as an ingredient in their polishes.  They have since changed their website to remove the Neolone 950.  My bottle still contains Neolone 950.  If they have indeed changed their ingredients, please note that old stock will remain in people’s homes and in stores for some time.  Still best to read labels and exercise caution when dealing with toxins.


2 thoughts on “Toxins in Toyland

  1. Thank you so much for sharing my petition Dawn. It’s frightening how toxins make their way into so many products that are on the shelves in our stores. We are in need of new legislation so this doesn’t continue to happen. Thanks again!

  2. Thank you for mentioning this. My daughter’s bottles of Piggy paint do contain Neolone 950. I had never noticed it before. Thanks for warning parents about this! I will dispose of this product and look for a safer alternative.

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