Seven Fab Reasons To Go The Eco Beauty Market

I love all things natural and healthy.  Ever since I discovered some of the nastiest known chemicals  in my own kids shampoo, I became a warrior mom shunning the toxic stuff and trying to find new, healthier alternatives.  So needless to say, I am excited about the Eco Beauty Market coming to Toronto November 21, courtesy of Environmental Defence Canada.    Here are 7 fabulous reasons you may also want to attend:

1)  Something For Everyone. ‘Beauty’ in this case is not just lipstick.  There is truly something for everyone from baby up.  Tween and teen-inspired products from Keeki Pure & Simple. Plant-based ointments for babies and kids from Vancouver-based Thera-Wise (via Eco-Existence). And for anyone who wants to wear red lipstick and still be green, there will be lots of regular cosmetics without The Toxic Ten ingredients. Because absolutely nobody wants lead in their lipstick.

2) Information! Environmental Defence offers information on what you shouldn’t put on your body.  They have developed a handy little shopping guide which they make available for those who want to educate themselves on which ingredients to avoid.  And the you will find most of the vendors at the event are passionate sorts who will be happy to talk to you about why to use natural products vs. synthetic.

3) Samples.  In many cases, you will be able to touch, smell, and rub a little of whatever suits your fancy on your skin. Hint: Try the new Keeki Pure & Simple body lotions. Your welcome 🙂

4) Giveaways!  There will be lots of product giveaways (think ready-made Holiday gifts OR something for yourself) with proceeds of ticket sales going back to Environmental Defence. Whichever way you slice it, fun and so worthwhile.

5) Gifts!  With holiday season upon us, what a fab way to spend your money and give a special somebody a useful, non-toxic gift.  Many vendors will have ready-made gift packs. My faves for Holiday 2012 are the season’s uber-cute gift packs by Keeki Pure & Simple (water-based nail polish, non-toxic remover and organic lip shimmers) perfect for young girls and women on your Holiday list. As well as  the most fabulous boxed organic skincare sets (for both face and for body), by Consonant. I love Consonant’s line because it is safe, effective and popular among both women AND men (think ‘sharesies’ in the bathroom). And I hear Cocoon Apothecary will be launching a gift pack of its crazy-popular flower-based skincare line.

6) Location, Location, Location.  This event will take place smack dab in the middle of Toronto making it easy for those who want to come to walk, ride or take the transit.  Located at the Central YMCA Auditorium at 20 Grosvenor Street, the venue is accessible to thousands in downtown Toronto. And if you can’t make it, contact the vendors directly as most of them ship their products across Canada.

7) Sales proceeds in support of Environmental Defence. Support the great work Environmental Defence does on behalf of all Canadians. Specifically their Just Beautiful campaign educates Canadians about the harmful chemicals found in everyday personal care products along with safer alternatives. Voila The Eco Beauty Market!

Remember you need to RSVP for the event. Happy Eco Shopping!


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