Junk Food For the Skin

I call it junk food for the skin.  Cosmetics made with petroleum-based ingredients including BHA, BHT, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, paraffin, petrolatum, parabens (all types), diazolidinyl urea, PEG chemicals, and products ending in ‘methicone’ or siloxane.

Not only are many of these ingredients toxic and once rubbed on your skin, go directly into your body (think how a nicotene patch works..) but they do nothing for your skin heatlh.

Cheap and mass-produced, petroleum products used in cosmetics are ‘filler’ products.  So to add insult to injury, these products are not only unhealthy they are also actually inert and offer skin no benefits.

It took me a while to figure this one out.  In my twenties, I would part with my rent money for expensive petroleum-based department store cosmetics.  I was taken by the fancy packaging and the women made-up to match who gave me the sales pitch.  My fault, I know.  I hadn’t yet learned to question what I was putting on my skin or to read labels.

Now a little older (read: fine lines/crow’s feet) and a little wiser, I can no longer afford a product not to do wonders on my skin.  Many beauty experts will tell you (unless of course they are on the receiving end of deep-pocketed companies) that these products clog pores and make drooping and saggy worse as inert synthetic ingredients offer no benefits.  I know there are many serums and creams based on vitamins, and even algae to help reduce wrinkles and reverse the effects of time.  Read many of these labels and you will find as I did, a significant amount of petro-chemicals with a very minute amount of the ‘age erasing’ ingredient all for a significant price.  As father time is marching on and my life no longer affords cosmetics where the packaging costs more than the product inside, I have switched to all-natural skincare.

The best options in skincare hands-down are the less processed, plant-based products. I love products that contain just a few ingredients and NO preservatives linked to ill health.

I love Organic Argan Oil for anti-aging and serious hydration. And Organic Rosehip Oil great for fighting wrinkles, sun damage and scars as it contains high levels of naturally occurring antioxidants. And I love  the mother of all skin hydrators, HydrExtreme an innovation, that caused the beauty world to take note earlier this year.  I love the benefits that entirely plant-based skincare lines such as Clinical Luxury by Nature, Consonant and Cocoon Apothecary offer…better hydrated skin and unit for unit they are usually less expensive than department store petroleum-based lines. Yippee!

If you think of skincare skincare as you do food, you may start to question using over-processed, chemical-laden, unhealthy ‘junk food’ skincare at all.

Remember you can check all the ingredients of your skincare at on the Skin Deep database and if you are not happy with what you are using, go natural!  Your skin, your health and your wallet may thank you for it.


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