Ten Years of Happiness-Celebrated with Good Food, Good Company and Geddy Lee’s Wine

Who would ever argue that part of living a healthy life is being a happy, contentedAnniversary wine individual consistently enjoying whatever it is that floats your boat?

Yesterday, Mr. Canning and I celebrated our 10th anniversary.  Our gift to one another  was  a dinner at a fancy resto and a B.Y.O.B. wine to match. Our history of food and wine goes back to the beginning. When we first met, it seemed a perfect match.  He a wine enthusiast and me, a foodie.  Needless to say, we have enjoyed many a great meal with a well-matched bottle together over the last decade.  And of course, our tenth anniversary dinner celebration was no different.

Dinner last night was enjoyed at a Toronto institution. A culinary mecca where quality and service are second-to-none. And a reservation made 6 weeks in advance, assured us a great view from our table’s unique hillside vantage point, high atop the city on Benvenuto Place.  It was a fab evening indeed.

One of the most special parts of the evening came in the bottle of wine we brought to the resto.  Ten years ago, after polling my girlfriends as to what to get my new mate for our first Christmas together, I bought Mr. Canning some fabulous bottles of Burgundy.

At the time, I knew nothing about wine but did know my usual plonk would not do. These particular fancy bottles came from a friend’s bro who as a wine agent, clearly knew just what make wine enthusiast swoon.

The gift wine arrived on that day 10 years ago, in a box strangely marked ‘Geddy Lee’.  A quick check on Wikipedia confirmed that the famous Geddy Lee enjoys fine burgundies.  And a little more digging confirmed that the Subdivisons singer buys wine from the same broker I bought the gift bottles from.

I am not sure why I might have received wine originally destined for the famous singer but feel grateful I was the recipient of this particular bottle of 1999 Pommard.  It may have been the gift that set the foundation for the years of great wine-centered meals at Casa Canning and most certainly it was a fabulous addition to our anniversary dinner.

And having just passed the decade mark, I reminisce. It has been a very happy decade with Mr. C.  I am definitely a true believer that part of a happy, healthy life is to savour the simple pleasures in life with the one you love. And Mr. Lee, thank you, your wine was fabulous!  I think that we too, can now confidently claim to like fine wines from Burgundy as well.


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