Chia: My Superfood

Mention chia and many people giggle remembering chia pets from the 70’s. Ditto but who knew back in the day that chia is one of nature’s most beneficial foods? Loaded with Omega 3’s, fibre, protein and calcium chia is often referred to as a superfood.

As a mom, I am simply looking for healthier options for my family’s breakfast.  Nutritionally-void, over-processed, chemically preserved foods are not cutting it anymore.

My recent interest was fuelled by the fact that my 4 year old was introduced to little brightly coloured rings of sugar which are boxed up and called a breakfast cereal.  She had never seen these before when they were introduced to her outside my home.  Eventually I was worked over in the grocery store. Every parent knows the scene.

With a little research, I discovered that the breakfast cereal she wanted was known to be one of the sugariest cereals on the planet.  Yikes! And if that wasn’t enough, the cereal also contained the controversial preservative BHT, AND of course food dyes. All which gave me serious cause for concern about what I was feeding my kids for breakfast. So the search started for my superfood: nutritionally sound, no junk AND super-easy to prepare.

I discovered Chia Goodness by Ruth’s Foods of Toronto and haven’t looked back.  No doubt it is not easy to switch a child from sugary cereals to something so less sweet but little by little the palate will adapt, demanding less and less sugar. Read about the potential  perils of too much sugar in our diets and you too may become a breakfast cereal convert.

An added bonus for me was that Ruth’s Foods also offers snack bars with the same nutritionally packed chia and less sugars than conventional bars. As they contain nuts, these bars cannot go to school with my kids but they do enjoy them at home. And my husband has taken to keeping Ruth’s bars in his desk to deal with the ‘afternoon hungries’.

And an added benefit I hadn’t even initially considered, is that my new found Chia Goodness is GMO-free.  Even some of the ‘healthy’ option cereals have recently been criticized for using GMO’s. And as GMO’s are linked to ill health effects, it is an added benefit that I do appreciate.

Chia Goodness comes in 4 flavours Original, Apple Cinnamon, Chocolate and Cranberry Ginger and can be found on-line at Sessabel or at your local health food store. Give it a try, you may also become a convert.


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