Chocolate In the Raw.

So you’ve heard that dark chocolate is good for you right? Well, if you dig a little deeper, there is more to consider about chocolate than if it is simply dark. Truth is that processing can make or break the ‘healthy’ claim.

Giddy yoyo_original

Raw cacao is one of the healthiest things on the planet. It contains a significant amount of valuable antioxidants which help cells in the body to repair themselves and stay well.  It is reported to have many times more antioxidant power than raw blueberries, goji berries and red wine. Studies on cacao confirm it is linked to reducing blood pressure and preventing cardiovascular disease and cancers.

The issue is most cacao used in conventional bars of chocolate has been grown with chemicals, is then high heat processed and to boot any goodness is further diluted with hydrogenated oils, dairy, and crazy amounts of refined sugars.

Enter Canadian company Giddy YoYo….who have figured it all out by making bars of chocolate both nutritious AND delicious. Giddy’s bars are made without high temperature processing. I asked them the scoop and was told that the highest temperature their bars get is in the sun in its native Equador. Wow…who knew? And certified organic means you won’t be consuming the loads of chemicals from high pesticide use and irradiation commonplace in conventional cacao bean production.

And just to make life a little sweeter…they use just enough (non GMO of course!) cane sugar and some very delish organic, fair trade flavours, My personal faves are the Mint, Orange, and the Spicy. But with more fab-sounding flavours just coming out, I have more taste-testing to do.

And as there is never any dairy, gluten, nuts in Giddy YoYo, I am over the moon as it is a healthy, nutritious and safe treat for school lunchboxes. Yippee!

As with most of my very fave products, Giddy YoYo bars can be purchased on-line in Canada at Sessabel (with free shipping in the Greater Toronto Area) and it’s in lots of brick and mortar stores as well.



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