Mothers March: A Stroller Brigade To Demand Tougher Laws on Toxic Chemicals

A stroller brigade is planning to march in Washington DC on October 29 (tomorrow!.)

Stroller BrigadeThey will be demanding laws which protect people from toxic chemicals in everyday products. And they have my support…

From my home in Toronto, I will be watching and cheering on my American neighbours who are marching for change which will benefit all of us all.

This march brings to light that so many people are tired of hearing what to avoid in every day products. People have had enough of trying to research each and every ingredient in a product to determine whether it is safe or not. AND most of us are not accepting of our kids being used as ‘canaries in a coal mine’. The stats on increasing rates of childhood disease, including severe allergies, dermatitis, eczema, asthma and cancers are alarming. It has to stop. Laws need to protect us.

There are a number of reasons that Canadians should be paying attention to this march on the US Capital tomorrow.  Most of the Canadian population lives within 250 km of the US border, or buys US consumer goods, or shares water and air with the US (think Great Lakes, rivers which transverse our borders). Toxic chemicals do not stop at the 49th parallel.

And of course there’s always the hope that Canadian lawmakers will take note. Canadian laws concerning toxic chemicals have loads of room to be strengthened too so my fingers are crossed….

Please spread the word of this Stroller Brigade. Post details of this march to your Facebook page, tweet about it using hashtags #StrollerBrigade and #SaferChemicals. And you can sign up here to lend your support on line.

Happy ‘marching’ everyone! Together, we can make a difference.


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