The Superstar Skin Hydrator You May Not Know About

Rosehip OIl is quietly becoming a superstar of the skincare world.


Rosehips are the seeds of the rose plant. They are traditionally grown at high altitude in places such as the Andes where the air is fresh and clean.  After being cold-pressed the oil remains full of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids.  Its vibrant orangey-red colour is evidence to the inherent beta carotene and lycopene. These are the same compounds that make some brightly coloured vegetables an integral part of healthy eating.

Apparently ancient Egyptians and Mayans were in the know and used rosehip oil for its healing properties, however, it wasn’t until recently that it made some waves in the beauty world via the media. Some very beautiful and very famous people were recently quoted touting Rosehip Oil as an integral part of their skincare regime including women AND men.

The claims of these beautiful people are not surprising when you read the results of studies conducted regarding its befits to skin. In the 1980’s, both the University of Santiago and University of San Marcos, Lima, Peru studies concluded rosehip oil was effective in:

  • regenerating skin
  • reducing scarring (from burns, surgery and acne)
  • reducing wrinkles
  • reducing sun spots.

Other benefits of using rosehip oil include:

  • it is a ‘dry oil’ it so it sinks quite quickly into skin without a residual greasy feel
  • it is a great source of all-trans retinoic acid (aka trentinoin), and so much more gentle than its harsh, synthetic cousin Retinyl Palmitate
  • it has a neutral scent (no scent of rose) making it particularly appealing to men who don’t want flower-scented skincare
  • being 100% oil, it does not require a preservative system so you can buy organic rosehip oil with no added preservatives…so rare in the beauty product world

There are many brands and options when searching for rosehip oil.  Look for organic, cold-pressed (means chemical solvents are not used to extract the oil) and 100% rosehip oil…with no fillers or additives of any kind. A good brand will have the oil in an amber glass bottle to shield the product from light as it is photosensitive. And the oil should have a gorgeous orangey/red hue to it…testament of the inherent carotene and lycopene.

My favourite rosehip oil comes from Canada’s Cocoon Apothecary.  After meeting the owner, Jessica, I am assured of the detail she pays to quality and sourcing 100% cold-pressed, pure, exceptional quality oil.  Cocoon Apothecary’s 100% Organic Rosehip oil is available online at Sessabel (ships coast to coast in Canada) and online also directly via the manufacturer.