Seriously…Plastic Beads In My Child’s ToothPaste?

Crest For MeNothing makes me crazier than huge corporations putting unsavoury ingredients in products marketed specifically for children.  There is no excuse.

I recently read an article on-line written by a mom/dental hygienist, alerting consumers about the use of plastic beads in tooth paste. The product specifically portrayed in the article was Crest’s ToothPaste For Me which promises to ‘Get The Gunk’ out for kids between 8 and 12 years old.  However, dental hygienists are finding the plastic beads are getting in and staying in…under gums. That sounds like putting ‘gunk’ into children’s mouths and I’m not ok with it.

Polyethylene does not break down, it is not biodegradable. So unless your hygienist can find and remove these beads, they will stay there. And what parent of a child wants to have their child go through having plastic microbeads fished out from under their gums?

I have to wonder why Procter and Gamble ever put plastic in any toothpaste, let alone one specifically for children? On their website, it is confirmed that the blue microbeads are added for colour. So kids are getting plastic microbeads stuck under their gums for COLOUR?

To find out if your product contains polyethylene, take a look at the Inactive Ingredients part of your toothpaste label. As well, the Skin Deep Database confirms specific Crest products reported to be using polyethylene beads.

Unfortunately my husband had just bought one of these Crest For Me toothpastes for our 8 year old.   Upset I actually owned one of these products, I called the company to voice my concern. They assured me PE is safe and is used in food packaging.  I asked if they had done any studies on kids health if plastic sits under their gums for years undetected? No surprise that I didn’t get a direct answer to that one.  Or do they know the impact is of kids having dental tools stuck up their gums to retrieve the beads? I just cringe thinking about it.

In my upset over my child having plastic beads in her toothpaste,  I didn’t even mention to P & G, how these beads are polluting our Great Lakes. Feel free to mention that point if you call.

Procter and Gamble can be reached at (800) 959-6586  or send an e-mail comment to them here


4 thoughts on “Seriously…Plastic Beads In My Child’s ToothPaste?

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  2. Love this! I too am also a dent hygienist & when I found out I was also really concerned about this because unfortunately I work for a corporation that we give our Pts are Crest/Oral-B products. I was actually @ a class that all hygienist have to take through our company & I called the Crest reps that spoke @ the class out for the plastic they gave me the run around just like they did you but tried to make it seem ok because products like face washes have it them & shredded cheese has saw dust in it to prevent clumping. Ultimately it just made me more angry. Honestly how the hell can anyone agree that a pt that just completed should be using a product like this especially since the goal is to promote healing a foreign object like plastic lodged in a perio pocket is not going to aid in the healing process once so ever, if anything it will act as an irritant!

    • Thank you for your comment Shannon. So very upsetting the Crest reps said it was ok because face wash companies are doing the same. Didn’t they ever hear that 2 wrongs don’t make it right? In any case, I have seen some jurisdictions looking to pass laws against plastic micro beads in personal care products as they are polluting waterways and harming wildlife…fingers crossed! Until then we can all make the choice not to buy products from companies who pollute us AND our environment with needless plastic.

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