Retailers: Naughty or Nice?

I read a post today which made me think.  And when something provokes thought I like to share.

Yesterday in the Safer Chemicals Healthy Families blog, a study was posted where retailers were ranked in terms of their commitment to cosmetic safety. To me it is not important whether you necessarily shop these particular retailers or not but that we all understand that some retailers are diligent and care about what they stock and some are not.

In this particular study, Whole Foods came out on top.  No surprise as they have a long list of substances they won’t allow in their products and suppliers must comply or go elsewhere.  They even make this list public so consumers like you and I can check it out and know their policies. Kudos!

If you don’t shop any of the retailers noted in the study…not important.  There are retailers making a difference everywhere. Our job as concerned consumers is to find our own local best options. Take for instance Terra20 in Ottawa.  They have adopted the Whole Foods style list of ingredients they will not stock. This includes such dastardly ingredients as dibutyl phthalate (so none of this), BHA/BHT (so no Desitin baby cream), formaldehyde-releasing preservatives ( so no Johnson and Johnson Baby shampoo), parabens (so no Philosophy), and no Sodium Laureth Sulfate (so definitely no Kiehl’s Gentle Baby Wash or Aveeno Baby). Terra20 provides a great model for other retailers to follow.

So this Season you can determine yourself if your retailer is naughty or nice and make an informed decision as to whether or not you want to shop there. Essentially you need to be a warrior for your own health.  And don’t forget you are the customer so if you are not happy with something that is being stocked at your local retailer, don’t be shy TELL THEM.  If enough of us remind retailers that consumers care about the ingredients they are putting on their bodies, the more of them will take note and offer cleaner products.

And take a look at this petition The Campaign for Safe cosmetics has put together asking retailers to take their customers health seriously. You can sign it here if you wish.

Happy conscious shopping!