More Than A Green Halloween

With Halloween upon us, there are certain decisions I will make to celebrate in the most conscious way I can.  To me this means being eco-conscious as well as safety conscious.  My mantra to cause as little harm to Mother Earth as possible goes hand in hand with being conscious to respect all trick or treaters who come to my door.

What? Of course we all endorse a safe and happy Halloween for kids.  But did you ever consider you may not be doing this as best as you can?  I did when recently, someone brought to my attention that some children are so severely peanut-allergic that by giving out peanut-treats we could be putting them in harm’s way.

Call me whatever you will, but even with all the peanut-free requirements of my kids schools, I had never thought I might cause harm to a child by not being conscious about the Halloween treats I give out. I needed someone with a peanut-allergic child to tell me. So this year I am opting to celebrate more than a ‘Green Halloween’ and celebrating what I call a ‘Conscious Halloween’.

So this Halloween, I have committed to:

1) Giving out non-peanut treats.  My daughter wants chips, I want Kit Kats and that’s where we stand. We will most likely have to agree to disagree and have both. Not such a bad thing.

2) No toxic face make-up (see my post: Extra Scary Halloween Make-Up).  And no toxic nail polish for my 7 year old girly vampire. Did you know conventional nail polish is considered so toxic by the City of Toronto that it cannot be disposed of with regular household garbage.  It is considered hazardous waste.  Why would anyone put that on kids for dress up?

3) No plastic costumes.  I know they are cheap but along with that comes being ‘cheaply-made’.  They become disposable and pollute land-fills.  Try making costumes out of old clothes.  That’s how my mom did it back in the day and the costumes were fabulous and SAFE!  I think she still has the Pippi Longstocking costume she made me…evidence enough that home-made costumes are not disposable and can be used over and over again.

4) No plastic Halloween junk.  Lately many stores have turned into ‘plastic Halloween nik naks from China’ stores.  Bottom line stop buying this junk and stores will stop bringing it in.    Who doesn’t agree that a plastic light up pumpkin ring is not a necessity.  I shudder when someone gives my kids this junk and I am made responsible to throw it out.  Think twice about buying such disposable junk and we will all be better for it.

So I hope I have inspired some of you to celebrate consciously this Halloween just as the mom who wrote about the seriousness of giving out peanut-free treats did for me.