No More Toxins In My Tub.

safe baby products, natural shampoo, toxic-free cosmeticsIn mid-August, 2012 a huge announcement came from one of the largest cosmetic companies in the world, Johnson & Johnson.  They announced they were phasing out harmful chemicals they use in their iconic Johnson Baby brand as well as their other brands Aveeno and Neutrogena.

Parents were shocked that a trusted cosmetic giant admitted such a dastardly deed.  Formaldehyde in baby shampoo?  Why?

But as parents, what to do with this information? Do we laud them for coming clean when other cosmetic behemoths such as  L’Oreal, Procter and Gamble and Avon have not made such a commitment and continue to use the same harmful chemicals in their formulations?  Or do we stop buying their products in disgust that a baby shampoo company ever stooped so low.

In my case, I was upset enough to get rid of the chemical-laden product in our shower caddy and swap for my well-researched, more natural alternatives.  And I will never go back.

In our case, switching to natural products allowed my daughter’s eczema-prone skin to heal and to be healthy without using topical steroid cream. AND my skin has never felt so healthy and hydrated. Yippee!

I have found benefits of using natural products that I had never imagined. Plant-based products don’t strip the skin of natural oils.  Plant-based moisturizers actually sink into the skin nourishing it vs. petroleum-based products which sit on top of the skin. And none of the ingredients in my natural products have ever been linked to cancer or ill-health.  And as far as I can see when authorities on pollution such as Environmental Defence Canada, tell us to avoid many of the synthetic chemicals I found in conventional body products, I believe that I am not only doing something good for my health but for the environment.  If these chemicals are that toxic, it makes sense to me that sending them down my shower drain may not be good for our waterways either.

So now I am a natural product convert. The Johnson and Johnson admission brought to light for me an issue in an industry and an opportunity to find healthier products for my family.

So now in my shower caddy you will find, my new favourite natural products. No more methylisothiazolinone, formaldehyde, or SLS lurking in my loo. My fave body wash for little kids has become  Dr. Robin For Kids.  My 7 year old and I love Clinical Luxury by Nature’s All Over Soap as it makes your skin and the bathroom smell like a spa.  My hubby’s fave organic cleansers are by Canada’s Consonant. Consonant Organic Body Wash in Citrus Bergamot and the Organic Foaming Face Wash. These are both now essentials in my home.  And my all-time favourite haircare (shampoo, conditioner, detangler) line for wee ones is Original Sprout. I have never seen such a cult-type following for a kids natural line as I have with this one….yet always more to discover! As these are some of my favourite better-for-you-products, you can find them on-line at Sessabel.


Head Lice 101

Original sprout, natural shampoo, shampoo for kids,Yesterday I got an e-mail from my daughter’s school that some kids in the school has been found to have head lice.  So on the agenda today is checking all the students heads for lice.

The remedy for lice is simple.  Use lice shampoo (usually with very harsh active ingredients) and pick out the nits.  No matter which way you slice it, its awful.

But before your child ever gets near having lice, there is something gentle and more natural, you can do to reduce the likelihood of the little pests making your child’s hair his home.  Don’t use synthetically scented hair products.  Insects love synthetic fragrance.  We all know, wear perfume in the outdoors and you are a sitting duck for attracting insects  Head lice are no different.

You can try a totally unscented shampoo.  But as moms generally love to smell ‘that clean smell’ on their kids hair after bathing them, you may wish to try my favourite line, Original Sprout.  This brand uses natural extracts which smell great when you use them but they dissipate more quickly than their synthetic counterparts so your child isn’t a sitting duck in the classroom. AND, Original Sprout uses organic rosemary in most of its formulations and insects don’t like rosemary.

This awesome professional haircare line out of California was developed by a hairdresser/mom.  My kids have been using this line for sometime and it gets a ‘mom two thumbs up’ for smelling fabulous, working well and even coming in three sizes, the largest which offers a pump for ease and better economics than buying small.

Original Sprout can be a bit challenging to find in Canada depending where you live and shop but it as it one of my favourite products, it is available on-line at Sessabel with free shipping in the Greater Toronto Area.

Let us know if you give Original Sprout a go. We love to hear your experience with our recommendations. And here’s to no more parents getting a call  from the ‘nit patrol’ at school….ever!