Teachers Gifts…And All Fabulously Eco-Chic!

I have been asked numerous times in the last week what ideas I have about fab, teacher gifts that are unique with a twist of eco. I have given my kids’ teachers this type of gifts for years with great success. My kids seem to enjoy helping to pick out the unique gifts and deliver them with great pride each year.

And of course I can’t help but remember my neighbour who had been a teacher for 30 or so years mentioning the piles of mugs she received over the years as gifts. As much as I am sure she enjoyed the thought and kindness that brought the mugs her way, the pile of mugs sadly became a BIG, unused pile. So if you want to stand out in the crowd, give something fabulously unique, useful AND eco-chic…. read on!

The Coolest Cooler Bag Ever

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Love the quality of this ultra cool BPA-free cooler bag by Toronto’s SoYoung. BEST I have seen. AND the shoulder strap can be configured so it it can be worn backpack-style making it extra fab. Great for active types or for those (like me!) who tote their own food around. Cute retro-inspired designs.  $37  Cutest ice packs EVER $10 


The Best Organic Skincare on the Planet


If you love giving your fave teacher skincare that is friendly to skin and to the planet, then Consonant is for you. Choose one or more items.. from $12 for the most luxurious olive oil soap ever to $18  for their award-winning organic body wash Lots of options! Best part… it comes ready to give in a beautiful gift bag with tissue. Love!


The Most Hip and Happening Litterless Lunch Containers


Schools are practising Litterless Lunch so not to create excess trash. I gave my daughter’s teacher a few of these items last Holiday season and they were a huge hit! Choose from re-usable/non-plastic products by mompreneur companies such as Fluf or Keepleaf, uber-popular stainless steel containers by LunchBot or glass bottles in a silicone sleeve (pictured) by LifeFactory. Mix ‘n match and have your child help!

The Best All-Natural/Organic Hand Creams


Many teachers LOVE hand cream.  My pick is Consonant Intensive Hand Therapy $20. I gave this to my daughter’s principal and recently she was squeezing out every last bit claiming it as her favourite hand cream! Add a gardeners brush total cost $29.  **An honourable mention to uber-popular Canadian favourite LoveFresh for its lovely scented, all-natural hand creams $22 each.

Happy (almost) summer holiday everyone!